What Are Some Car Games for Boys?


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Some car games for boys include “Supercar Road Trip 2,” “Renegade Racing” and “Smash Palace.” From conventional racing simulations to demolition derbies, these games are all free to play online.

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What Are Some Car Games for Boys?
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“Supercar Road Trip 2” lets players get behind the wheel of a speeding sports cars, competing against other racers on increasingly difficult tracks. While the game’s mechanics are fairly unadventurous, unlockable tracks, upgrades to cars and a number of other customization options keep things interesting. The game also features responsive controls and an upbeat soundtrack.

Sitting somewhere between stunt and conventional racing, “Renegade Racing” lets players take control of a daredevil sports car in a side-scrolling race to the finish line. The game’s tracks all feature numerous hills and ramps, and the controls allow players to execute death-defying flips and other stunts. While players receive extra points for successful tricks, landing upside down causes them to lose time. The game features a number of unlockable and upgradeable cars, making stunts easier to perform.

“Smash Palace” takes the most extreme approach to driving, putting players behind the wheel of a demolition derby car. Cruising around the circular arena, players collect power-ups and attempt to smash into other cars without being hit themselves. Successfully completing matches earns players money, which can be used to upgrade cars and purchase new accessories.

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