What Are the Candyland Characters' Names?

The characters in Candyland are named Princess Frostine, Princess Lolly, Lord Licorice, Mr. Mint, Gramma Nut, Gloppy, King Kandy, and Jolly. The Duke of Swirl replaced Mr. Mint in the 2010 edition of the game.

Each character appears at a different area of the board on the Candyland board. Landing by certain characters can either help the player or hurt the player by moving them either forward or backwards on the board.

Each character also can be associated with a different type of candy and has a personality based off the candy with which they are associated. Princess Lolly and Princess Frostine are the princesses of CandyLand, and Lord Licorice is the villain. Mr. Mint was known as the candy cane woodcutter of CandyLand, but this role was replaced by the Duke of Swirl in 2010.

Gramma Nut is a grandma who lives in a brittle house, and Gloppy is a monster who is made entirely out of chocolate. King Kandy is the king of CandyLand.

Jolly is a dinosaur-like creature who sits on a gumdrop in Candyland. He was removed briefly from the 2010 edition of the board game. However, due to complaints from fans, this character was added back in 2013.