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The Candi Girls doll line was sold in dozens of models that all used specific face molds for African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Swedish and Danish dolls. The dolls came in a variety of skin tones and hair colors, many of which are pictured on the doll hobbyist website Dolls.de.

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In the early 1990s, artist and entrepreneur Helena Hamilton created her line of African-American fashion dolls. Hamilton hand-painted each face and sold her creations at doll shows. The doll line was manufactured from the mid to late 1990s. Hamilton started with the African-American face mold, then added the Hispanic and Asian molds in 1996, followed by the Danish and Swedish molds in 1997. The 11 1/2-inch dolls featured bendable legs and detailed hands. Originally sold under the name Candy Girls, Hamilton later changed the name to Candi Girls.

In 1997, the veteran Barbie designer MiKelman joined the team. The collaboration produced Retro Candi Girls, a line of six dolls dressed in 1950s fashion designs. MiKelman also created the Exclusive Candi Girls line, a limited edition run that included six dolls. Hamilton designed several limited edition and seasonal dolls herself, including the 1996 Midnight Blues Candi, the 1996 Christmas Candi, who wore a red and gold gown, and the 1997 Christmas Candi, who was available as a blond, brunette or redhead.

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