How Can You Write and Publish Pokemon Fanfiction?


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Write a Pokémon fanfiction as a creative outlet on various websites such as FanFiction.net and DeviantArt. Fanfictions are written by fans as hypothetical adventures for their favorite characters that serve as non-canonical parts of popular stories.

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  1. Become familiar with the characters and the story

    Familiarize yourself with canonical Pokémon stories by watching the animated series, reading the manga and playing video games. The series began in 1999, so there is plenty of source material. The main protagonist is Ash Ketchum and his friend Pikachu.

  2. Compose your story

    Write your fanfiction as a new adventure for the main characters. Introduce your own style, your own friends for Ash and even new creatures to discover. The great thing about fanfiction is that the creative potential is limitless.

  3. Create an online account

    In order to publish your work on FanFiction.net or DeviantArt, you must create an account with the website. Log in, publish your piece and share it with other Pokémon fans. Fellow Pokémon connoisseurs may leave comments about your fanfiction. Post fanfiction to your own blogging site.

  4. Beware of copyrights

    In general, you cannot make money on fanfiction unless you get written permission of the copyright holders of Pokémon. Fanfiction is known as derivative work under the U.S. Copyright Law. Fanfiction writers usually claim "fair use" of the copyrighted work if certain conditions are met, such as a lack of commercial sales.

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