Where Can I Find Free Wooden Puzzle Plans?

Where Can I Find Free Wooden Puzzle Plans?

As of 2014, free wooden puzzle plans are widely available online at websites like FreeWoodPuzzles.com, ToolCrib.com and WoodworkersGuide.com. These typically come in the form of an outline drawing which can be traced to a piece of wood and cut using a scroll saw or a jigsaw.

There are a variety of wooden puzzle plans available for free on the Internet, at different levels of complexity.

Basic jigsaw puzzles for children's play come in different shapes and sizes. Many of these are animal or alphabet themed and feature large pieces that can be easily manipulated by toddlers. Some designs suggest gluing handles to each piece to allow for better grip by small fingers.

Educational jigsaw puzzles are often centered around a theme like geography or astronomy. These sometimes require images to be pasted onto the wood prior to cutting the individual puzzle pieces.

Three-dimensional wooden puzzles may be shaped like animals, anatomical figures or architectural wonders. These feature interlocking puzzle pieces that must be assembled sequentially and sometimes require additional tools for proper shaping.

Wooden mechanical puzzles are typically the most complex and require careful planning, along with some experience in wooden puzzle creation. Mechanical puzzles often include different layers and projects incorporate a variety of woodworking techniques.