How Can Wire Mesh Be Used in a Crafting Project?


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Wire mesh can be used in a crafting project by being made into hanging cages for candles, for holding rocks in decorative landscaping crafts, and by being placed into frames to make succulent garden pictures. Wire mesh can also be placed in a frame with hooks for a jewelry holder.

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How Can Wire Mesh Be Used in a Crafting Project?
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To make a succulent garden picture from wire mesh and a frame, first add plywood to the back of the frame to create a shadow box or purchase a shadow box. Next, choose wire mesh with a fairly small 1/2-inch grid in order to contain the soil. Cut the wire mesh to fit precisely into the frame, and staple it to the edges to replace the frame's glass. Nail a piece of plywood to the back of the frame. Turn the box over so that the frame is facing upward.

Paint the frame as desired. Scoop potting soil into the shadow box through the wire mesh until the entire box is filled and the soil is just below the wire mesh. Take several cuttings from succulent plants, and poke the stems through the wire mesh into the soil, using different shapes and sizes to create a picture. Place the succulent garden on a flat surface until the cuttings root, and then hang the garden picture on a wall.

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