Can You Win a Free Car at a Casino?

Numerous casinos offer promotions and contests that include a car or similar vehicle as a prize, though the exact terms of each contest vary between casinos and over time. In many situations, the car is part of a raffle, in which players earn entries by participating in other casino games with a rewards card.

Promotions and contests that include a car as a reward are common among casinos, with most typically using a new model from a popular or luxury manufacturer. In order to find out if a casino is running a car giveaway promotion, visit its website and navigate to the promotions section. This area frequently includes information about all special events and contests taking place within the month or within the current season. Listings for car giveaways often feature a picture of the car, a description of its year, make and model, and the way in which players may enter to win it.

One common method casinos use to give away a car is to tie a raffle to its player rewards program. For example, when a player signs up for the program, she is able to swipe or insert her card into the slot machines or at the table games to track her play. With such promotions, every time the player spends a certain amount of money at one of these games, she earns an entry into the drawing.