How Can You Whistle Loudly?


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To whistle loudly, place the first two fingers from each hand together, fold your lips over your teeth, press your tongue back with your fingers and lightly blow. Practicing is the most important step in mastering the skill of loud whistling, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't work immediately.

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  1. Hold fingers in the shape of a triangle

    Hold your index and middle fingers from each hand together. Your other fingers should be in fists and your palms should be facing you. Touch your middle fingers together so that there is a triangle-shaped space between your hands.

  2. Lick your lips and fold them over your teeth

    Wet your lips lightly, but enough to stay wet until you are ready to whistle. Then, fold them over your teeth as if you are pretending to be an old man.

  3. Fold your tongue back with your extended fingers

    When you place your fingers in your mouth, make sure there are no gaps between your fingers and the sides of your mouth. Using your middle fingers, fold your tongue over on itself, and hold it there.

  4. Blow lightly

    Hold your lips tightly around your fingers to establish a tight seal and a small exit hole. Lightly blow so that the air escapes out of the tip of the triangle between your fingers. You may not make a sound immediately. Practice in five minute sessions to avoid hyperventilation, and experiment to get the sound you want.

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