How Can You Watch a Pickleball Instructional Video?


At, those interested in learning some basic pickleball moves (as well as more advanced concepts) can choose from a number of pickleball instructional videos that are available for free. The videos include concepts such as the forehand ground stroke and how to properly lob the ball. also features a video on how to warm up before playing pickleball. also features pickleball instructional videos, but only offers a preview of its video on slap shots for free. Those interested in viewing the full 20-video series that the site offers, which features a run time of about 112 minutes, must pay $15 for unlimited viewing as of 2015.

View numerous instructional pickleball videos on the U.S.A. Pickleball Association's website. The site has videos ranging from explaining pickleball's basic rules to strategies for winning both singles and doubles matches and information about how to referee pickleball games. The site also hosts information about promotional strategies and pickleball's history.

In addition to training and history information, the U.S.A. Pickleball Association also has information about upcoming pickleball tournaments and other events in the United States. For events the USAPA organizes, members can buy tickets or reserve spaces directly from the website. Members looking for friendly matches can use the USAPA's Places to Play map to find pickleball leagues or venues in their areas. For some leagues and organizations, the USAPA also hosts links to their official websites.

The USAPA provides official tournament pickleball court diagrams and dimensions. A guide for converting a standard tennis court for pickleball is also available.

The USAPA's website has an online store where users can purchase USAPA promotional items, such as apparel and stickers. The store also carries new and replacement pickleball nets. Users looking to improve their games can buy instructional books and videos. A free PDF of the official USAPA pickleball rulebook is available from the main site, while the store carries spiral bound copies.