How Can You Get a Virtual Pet From Pou for Free?


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Players don't get a virtual pet from Pou because Pou is the virtual pet that players care for. “Pou” is a mobile game available for free on the Google Play store. In this game, players take care of Pou, who is an alien pet.

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In “Pou,” players have to play with, clean and feed their alien pets. As they play the game, Pou levels up and players unlock new wallpapers and outfits. With these items, players can dress up Pou and change the surroundings to match their unique tastes.

For Pou to grow, players have to feed and take care of it. This includes caring for Pou when it gets sick. They can also play games with Pou in the Game Room. When playing these games, players can collect coins, which they can use to buy special items and outfits for Pou. They have a lot of different outfits to choose from, including hats and eyewear.

The games that people can play with Pou vary greatly. Some involve driving a car with Pou and trying to collect as many coins as possible. During gameplay, players have to watch out for fuel consumption and avoid flipping over while jumping hills. Other games involve jumping up platforms or racing to the bottom of a stage.

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