Where Can You Find the Value of Hummels Online?

GreystonePriceGuide.com offers a comprehensive list of Hummel identification and pricing. iGuide.com offers a pricing guide based on comprehensive reports, while Antique-HQ.com has several links for pricing Hummel figurines.

GreystonePriceGuide.com offers a three-part approach to pricing Hummel figurines. The website includes a price guide that features a search engine for specific Hummels. It also includes several identification libraries to help owners research the name and identification number for Hummel figurines, which helps in pricing. GreystonePriceGuide.com also has a collector's corner where site visitors can upload photos of their Hummels and ask questions. All site features require users to sign up for a free registration.

iGuide.com is an online pricing guide maintained by an authority on collectibles. The database is searchable by keywords related to the figurine. The prices reflected are based on actual selling prices instead of asking prices. The site also offers advice for how to sell Hummel figurines.

Antique-HQ.com features suggested retail prices as well as fair market prices. The site features links to pricing help such as a value chart. The chart shows a description, size and identification number of the figurine. Each figurine has a suggested retail and fair market price. The latter is usually significantly lower.

AntiqueHummels.com is another resource for pricing Hummels. The site features information for identifying the figurines. It also offers links to completed eBay auctions for helping to value each Hummel.