How Can You Find the Value of 33 RPM Records?


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You can find the value of old records by using an online valuation database such as the one at iGuide.net. Alternately, you can contact a dealer to receive more specific valuations or perform a self-valuation by using a site such as eBay or posting on a record collector's forum.

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IGuide.com allows users to check the values and other related information on a wide selection of collectible items and has a special section dedicated to the various types of records. In this section, you have two options for determining the value of a specific record using to the information available to you. The first method is to conduct a keyword search in the database, such as the name of the artist or the album. If you don't have this information, you can also browse through the visual price guide listings to locate the item.

Another common method for finding out the price of old records is to look at how much they sell for online. EBay is one of the largest platforms for buying and selling collectible items online, which means it has an extensive collection of information about the prices of different records. It also allows you to see what people really paid for a record, which is sometimes different from an official appraisal.

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