How Can I Use a Grid to Solve Logic Puzzles?


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Using a grid to solve logic puzzles is one of the easiest ways to see which options are still available to you and eliminate other options. Even if the logic puzzle is not presented in a grid, you can make your own on scratch paper or purchased graph paper, and use it to help you solve the puzzle. The amount of time required varies greatly by the number of options available.

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How Can I Use a Grid to Solve Logic Puzzles?
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  1. Look at the grid for the logic puzzle

    Each variable has its own block in the grid and they cross so you can mark off eliminated possibilities as you read the clues. Seeing how the blocks are arranged and how the information is arranged within the blocks is critical to marking your deductions correctly.

  2. Read each clue carefully

    Pay close attention to the information provided to ensure accurate results.

  3. Mark the options on the grid

    Being thorough as you mark the grid often makes the solution obvious. Once all the options but the final one are eliminated, the answer to that particular variable is clear to see. Mark eliminated options with an "X" and correct answers with an "O" or a filled circle.

  4. Cross reference the grids to show other eliminations

    Once you have one definite answer, mark its corresponding deductions on the grid going the other direction. This process is necessary if you want to solve the puzzle quickly. Once all of the blocks are filled, the puzzle is solved.

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