How Can You Use Candy on a Poster?


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Use candy on a poster to create candy cards or candy grams, messages that wish an individual a happy birthday or give congratulations. Use the candy bar to replace a certain word in the message. For instance, replace the words "life saver" with the candy Life Savers.

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First, buy several different kinds of candies and candy bars, preferably those that the recipient likes the most. Next, craft the message around a certain theme. For instance, it can be a happy birthday or happy holiday message, a note of sympathy, a get well card or a congratulations message. Write out the message, trying to use as many of the candies in it as possible.

Some good candy bars for candy grams include M-Azing chocolate bars, Big Hunks bars, Smarties and Almond Joy or Mounds of Joy bars. Big Hunks work well for Father's Day candy cards. M-Azing, Smarties and Sweetarts are good complimentary candies that can be used in a variety of messages including congratulatory cards. For example, use Smarties in a message to somebody who won an award.

Use Uno bars instead of the phrase "you know," Twix for "between" or "betwix," Riesen for "reason" and Junior Mints for "meant."

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