How Can You Unscramble Letters to Make Words?

can-unscramble-letters-make-words Credit: David Bleasdale/CC-BY 2.0

Unscramble letters to make words by focusing on prefixes and suffixes to quickly identify possible solutions, along with rearranging letters to create different views and expose new possibilities. Another option is to use a word scramble solution tool such as those available on and, as of 2015.

Begin solving a word scramble puzzle by looking for letters that commonly appear in prefixes and suffixes, such as E, D, S, I and N. Finding these letters and putting them into the potential word gives you a starting point through which you can try new word possibilities. It also removes those letters from the pool and allows you to focus on a smaller selection. If you are playing a game that has multiple word solutions, also try focusing on shorter words to quickly identify numerous solutions. Regardless of length, rearranging the letters is also helpful for finding solutions because it allows you to see new configurations without the pressure of trying to form a specific word.

To find solutions with an unscrambler tool, enter the available letters into the entry field and choose from the available dictionary. supports the standard Scrabble dictionary as well as several others which may result in different word possibilities. The tool displays all results in a list, organizing the words according to number of letters.