Where Can You Find the Typical Cash Price for Rare Pokémon Cards Before Selling Them?

Find the prices of rare Pokémon cards using sites such as Pojo.com and Beckett Media. These price guide sites offer information on rare Pokémon cards from all of the card game’s different sets and expansions.

Pojo.com offers free price guides for most major Pokémon sets, including Skybridge, Aquapolis, Neo Destiny and Jungle. Users can click on a set and view a complete list of cards along with prices. The site offers complete listings on cards, including rarity, value, holographic value and number.

Card collector site Beckett Media features a comprehensive database on every Pokémon card set, including value and rarity. The site’s searchable database features pictures and information on every card available. Access to the site’s Pokémon card database is not free, but serious collectors can benefit from the site’s comprehensiveness.