Where Can You Find Trivia Questions Online?


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Trivia quizzes are found in many different places online as there are clubs, quiz services and webpages devoted to trivia; popular sites such as zimbo.com and mental floss.com make quizzes for people to take revolving around popular culture, music and movies. These sites have millions of users each day and generate a solid database for trivia questions.

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Hundreds of sites provide stock questions and answers for quizzes on a diverse range of subjects. There are also smaller specialized sites run by quiz enthusiasts who take trivia to a more challenging level.

These trivia sites can be specialized; National Geographic's GeoBee is a daily trivia quiz that tests users' knowledge of geography. For general pub quiz questions, sites such as Brainist.com has trivia and quizzes about general knowledge, sports, science, history and entertainment. Other good resources include newspapers. The Telegraph has an archive of quiz questions written by a trivia expert used to supply to quiz masters across England.

Online trivia sites publish quizzes about TV shows, movies, music and current trending topics. Other resources include fan sites of shows such as Jeopardy and QI; they post tens of thousands of questions and answers from different episodes for trivia buffs to use.

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