How Can You Translate the Simlish Language Spoken by Characters in "The Sims" Into English?


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Only certain words in the Simlish language can be translated into English. Sims designer Will Wright created Simlish as a gibberish language with no direct, consistent translation available. Use the online Simlish dictionary comprised of the most prominent Simlish words to find out which translations into English are possible.

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  1. Listen for frequently repeated words

    Identify words in Simlish that characters say often enough for you to estimate what they mean. For example, "chumcha" appears to mean "pizza" based on its usage in scenes with pizza or pizza delivery.

  2. Consult the Simlish dictionary

    Scroll through the list of over 100 English and Simlish words to see the full extent of known Simlish to English translations.

  3. Listen for fragments of other languages

    Simlish is a not just based on English. The language borrows from a compilation of fractured French, Latin, Ukranian, Finnish, Icelandic, Tagalog and Cebuano. Use your knowledge of these languages to identify Simlish words based on them. Translate from the intermediary language to English.

  4. Use your imagination

    Wright made it impossible to translate all of Simlish into any other language to encourage creativity on the part of gamers. There is no need to know exactly what is being said. You can still play the game while inventing the dialogue yourself.

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