Where can you find toy crane machines?


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CandyMachines.com and SaferWholesale.com are online retailers that sell toy crane machines. CandyMachines.com specializes in selling crane and vending machines along with supplies, while SaferWholesale.com is a wholesale website that sells both crane machines and toys at a discounted price.

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To find toy crane machines on CandyMachines.com, select Crane Vending Machines from the Vending Machines category menu on the left of the page. The website lists matching results with images and additional details, including a full description of features and customer reviews. In addition, the company provides the customer with an estimation of shipping costs, and a 24-hour order line is available for customers to order items by phone.

To find crane machines on SaferWholesale.com, type "crane machine game" in the search bar at the top right of the page. A list of crane machines is available for customers to browse through, complete with a thumbnail, short description and price for each item. Though the price of the machines is already reduced from the original list price, the company allows customers to offer what they are willing to pay for an item, and the seller decides whether or not they approve of the offered amount. Additionally, the website provides an estimated shipping cost for each item, and a customer hotline is listed at the top of the page for customers to either order items or inquire about products on the site.

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