How Can You Get a Texture Pack on Minecraft?

How Can You Get a Texture Pack on Minecraft?

Players who play Minecraft on a PC can download texture packs and place the .zip file in the Resource Packs Minecraft subfolder. Once the file is placed, players can click the Resource Packs button from the Minecraft Start menu to select the new texture pack.

  1. Select the texture pack you prefer

    Visit, and scroll through the pages of available packs to find the one that looks best to you. Click on the filters near the top to choose from realistic, themed, simplistic and other categories. If you're looking for a specific pack, type the name into the search bar on the right side of the screen.

  2. Download the texture pack

    Click on the grey download button on the page of the texture pack you have chosen. Either the file downloads immediately, or you are directed to the creator's webpage, where you can choose from a number of resolution sizes between 16-by-16 up to 128-by-128. The larger the number, the better the textures look, but game performance may suffer on older computers.

  3. Open the resource pack folder within Minecraft

    Start Minecraft, and click on the Settings button on the title screen. Select the Resource Packs button from the resulting sub menu, and then click on the button labeled Open Resource Packs Folder.

  4. Find the downloaded texture pack

    On Windows 7. Drag the .zip file into the opened resource pack folder. Do not open or unzip the file.

  5. Select the resource pack from the available list

    Click on the minimized Minecraft icon on your taskbar to reopen the game. The texture pack can be found in the left-hand side Available Resource Packs list.