How Can You Tell Whether a Montblanc Pen Is Authentic?

can-tell-whether-montblanc-pen-authentic Credit: Capitol Bombshell/CC-BY-2.0

Authentic Montblanc pens contain small serial numbers around the ring of the pen, have the word "Montblanc" etched around the ring and are made with proprietary resin that glows red when a flashlight is shined through the product, according to The Counterfeit Report. Although secondary dealers sell these high-end fountain pens, the only sure way to get an authentic Montblanc pen is to buy from an authorized dealer.

Another sign of an authentic Montblanc product is the company's official seal. A mother-of-pearl white star is engraved into the company's products. The tip of the fountain pen should be etched with gold details and exhibit exquisite craftsmanship. Each Montblanc pen comes in a richly detailed box made by the company. Knock-offs may come in substandard packaging and a small box.

There are two rings on the pen--one near the top and another in the middle. Both rings have the word Montblanc etched into them. The upper ring has serial numbers as well the Montblanc name. Counterfeit pens also have serial numbers, but those pieces often repeat the same digit in the series. Authentic Montblanc pens have unique serial numbers.

Montblanc has more than 360 dealers worldwide. The company is famous for making pens, but the luxury brand also manufactures watches, jewelry, eyewear, fragrance and leather pieces.