Where Can You Find Free Teepee Patterns?


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TheHandMadeHome.net and TheDIYMommy.com both provide different teepee patterns for free. The teepee pattern featured on TheHandMadeHome.net, titled "A No Sew Teepee" doesn't require any sewing, whereas the one on TheDIYMommy.com, titled "Sew a DIY Teepee Play Tent," requires minimal sewing.

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To make the "Sew a DIY Teepee Play Tent," you need four lightweight wooden dowels that are 6 feet tall and 3/4-inch in diameter, a painter's cotton canvas drop cloth, 1 1/2 yards of printed fabric and an optional 4 yards of decorative trim. With these materials, you can make a teepee that is about 36 inches by 36 inches and 5 feet tall. First, tie the dowels together at the top and spread the bottoms of the dowels out to determine your desired height. Next, cut the drop cloth into three triangle pieces, two of which need to measure 4 inches at the top by 41 inches at the bottom and 60 inches tall, and one triangle that measures 4 inches by 41 inches by 30 inches. Also, cut one rectangle from the printed cloth measuring 6 inches by 5 inches and another measuring 24 inches by 31 inches. Hem each of the cut sides of all pieces of cut fabric and embellish, if desired. Pin and sew each of the pieces together, with the shorter triangle in the front. Attach the smaller rectangle pieces to the front to act as curtains. Once the pieces are sewn together, place the fabric over the dowels to create the finalized teepee.

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