How Can You Teach Yourself to Sing?

How Can You Teach Yourself to Sing?

Teach yourself to sing by improving your posture, breathing naturally, projecting your voice, opening your mouth wide as you sing and by practicing regularly. Recording your voice enables you to check if you are singing in tune.

  1. Stand straight

    Standing up straight improves your sound. Stand with your feet apart. Look straight ahead. Hold your shoulders down. Relax when you sing, as tension impacts your ability to sing and affects your voice quality.

  2. Breathe naturally

    Practice breathing from your diaphragm. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your nose and mouth. Breathing the right way improves your singing and helps you relax.

  3. Project your voice

    Use the technique of voice resonance to enhance your singing. This technique helps amplify your voice by making your sound waves vibrate inside your facial structure.

  4. Open your mouth wide

    Open your mouth wide and open your jaw down while singing. This creates space in the front and back of your mouth, which enhances your sound and helps you sing words clearly.

  5. Practice regularly

    Sing frequently. Practicing your breathing and singing techniques regularly helps you to improve your singing.

  6. Record your voice

    Listen to your recorded voice. You can confirm whether you are singing in tune by recording your voice and analyzing the recording as you listen to it play back.