Why Can't I Create an EA Account on "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" on the Xbox 360?


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As of May 31, 2014, the multiplayer matchmaking service known as GameSpy has shut down, affecting a multitude of EA titles, including "Battlefield: Bad Company 2." Due to the gated online nature of the Xbox 360, and the change to the Live service with the release of Xbox One, a solution to the issue is still pending.

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GameSpy served as the go-between for the Xbox Live service and the EA "Battlefield" servers. With the GameSpy service shut down, the software requires an update in order to return multiplayer functionality. EA officially released a statement saying they were looking into the technical changes required to transition the services to an alternative system. Origin, EA's online service, specifically addressed "Bad Company 2" in April of 2014. However, as of September 2014, no official word appears on their site, and "Bad Company 2" is not included in the list of services that have been discontinued. EA frequently discontinues services for older games, making the multiplayer component of older titles inaccessible. As of September 22, 2014, the official "Battlefield" servers show users playing the PC and PS3 versions of "Bad Company 2," but list no current servers, nor players, for the Xbox 360 version. No history of played matches exists since the GameSpy shutdown.

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