Where Can You Find a Sure Cuts Alot Software for a Cricut Machine?

Sure Cuts A Lot software can be purchased at www.surecutsalot.com for immediate download. This software is not supported by Cricut machines, but can be used to create designs and then export to software compatible such as Cricut Design Space.

An earlier version, Sure Cuts A Lot 2, was compatible with Cricut models but is no longer available for purchase. Versions of Sure Cuts A Lot are not considered supported software for Cricut machines and because of this void any warranties that come with the Cricut machine.

Cricut Design Space, which is an affiliated and supported program, provides the same sort of flexibility that many designers relied on from Sure Cuts A Lot 2. Users can upload .svg, .jpg, .bmp, .giv and .dxf files as well as fonts on home computers completely free. Cricut also has a library of images that are available with an included option to buy into a subscription for unlimited downloads. As of July 2015, Cricut Design Space is available for PC and iPad. The cloud-based software allows designers to create and collect ideas for projects and then upload them to Cricut machines for production. A continually growing online community allows users to easily share design templates and project ideas.