Where Can You Find a Stuffed Narwhal?


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As of 2014, stuffed plush narwhals can be purchased at many online retailers including Zooguu, Squishable, and Amazon. While full taxidermied narwhals are quite rare, it is possible to purchase narwhal skulls, tusks or complete skeletons at NarwhalTusks.com. As of 2014, a taxidermied narwhal is on display at the Field Museum in Chicago.

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Due to their rarity, artificial stuffed replicas of narwhals are considered acceptable substitutes for taxidermied specimens. Narwhals are medium-sized whales that live in the arctic waters near Canada, Greenland and Russia. They are hunted by the Inuit for their blubber, meat, tusks and skin. The narwhal is classified as "near threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. There are only about 75,000 remaining, and they are difficult to raise or keep in captivity.

Because of the distinctive spiraling tusk that emerges from the narwhal's head, these arctic creatures have been dubbed the "Unicorns of the Sea." In medieval times, many Europeans believed these tusks to be actual unicorn horns and would pay great sums to own one, as it was thought that drinking vessels made from unicorn horns prevented the owner from being poisoned. Though in reality it was made of narwhal tusks, the Throne Chair of Denmark was once thought to be constructed out of unicorn horns.

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