What Can You Store in Mini Tins?


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Store small, loose items in mini tins, including spices, screws, beads, paper clips and rubber bands. Mini tins that have a clear window on the top lid are the best tins to use, as they allow people to easily see their contents without having to open them. They are especially handy for keeping drawers organized. Place loose paper clips and rubber bands into their own mini tins, sorting them according to size or color if there is an abundance.

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Organize beads into mini tins with window-tops, sorting them according to size, shape and color. Place the tins on a large tray with raised edges so that they are easily accessible for beading projects.

After placing spices in mini tins for storage, remember to stick labels on them identifying their contents, as some spices are difficult to distinguish. DeliciousDays.com recommends color coding the labels to make identification much simpler. It suggests using red labels for general cooking spices, pink labels for baking spices, green labels for herbs and blue labels for spice mixtures. DeliciousDays.com offers free blank color-coded labels for users to print.

Karmentsten's Magnetic Six-Jar Spice Rack is a magnetic spice rack that holds six cylindrical mini tins, which have window-tops and magnetic bottoms that hold them in place on the rack. Its manufacturers suggest users store other small items in the tins once they use up the spices they come with.

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