How Can You Start Collecting Fruit Jars?


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Many people enjoy collecting Ball, Mason, Kerr and other fruit jars as a link to the past. Although these jars are rarely valuable, organizations exist to allow collectors to share their hobby with one another.

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  1. Research fruit jars

    Visit the websites of organizations dedicated to collecting fruit jars. Read field guides and collector's manuals dedicated to the hobby, many of which are available on eBay.

  2. Choose which types of jars you want to collect

    Decide whether you want to specialize in a certain manufacturer's jars, specific designs, certain shapes of jars or jars of a certain age.

  3. Visit sites where fruit jars are found

    Visit yard sales, flea markets, swap meets and garage sales looking for the types of jars you want to collect. Many fruit jars are also available for sale on eBay.

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