Where Can You Find Stamp Collector's Prices?


Find stamp collector's prices on websites such as Stamp World, Collector's Corner, Find Your Stamp's Value and in certain books. Collector's Corner has information about many American stamps that are divided into categories. Users can sell stamps, and prices for stamps that are in various conditions are available. Visitors can search stamps by keyword.

On Stamp World, visitors can search stamps by country, year, color, motive, denomination and title. This website has information about thousands of stamps from many countries. For each stamp, users can view its price, additional information such as size and perforation, and sometimes information about the stamp's variants, articles for the stamp, its forgeries, frames and plates. Visitors can search stamps without registering on Stamp World. However, to buy or sell stamps, visitors have to complete registration. People can also search other users by personal data, interests or items for sale. Stamp World has information about stamp clubs, auctions and dealers in different countries.

Find Your Stamp's Value allows visitors to search stamps by keyword and country; an advanced search is available for serious collectors. Users can view details about stamps and their prices.

Some specialized books, such as Richard John Sutton's "Stamp Collector's Encyclopedia" and the "Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers" include estimated prices of American stamps.