How Can a Sphere Be Made Out of Paper?

can-sphere-made-out-paper Credit: Boogy Stah/CC-BY-2.0

A sphere can be made out of paper by using origami techniques to fold the paper several different ways and pushing it out to make it appear as a spherical shape. It is a moderately easy origami project.

The bottom left corner of the paper should be brought to the top right corner and unfolded. The bottom right corner should be brought to the top left corner and unfolded. The paper should have an "X" in it. The bottom half should be folded to the top half and the right should be folded to meet the left. The right flap should be lifted to make a small space that is triangular in shape. The left and the right corners of the triangle should be brought up to meet the top point of the triangle. The paper should then be flipped and the remaining corners should be brought to the top to make a diamond shape. The right and left corners of the diamond should be folded to meet at the center of the diamond. The loose tips at the top of the diamond should be folded out once and brought back to the center. The remaining corners should be pushed in with the finger and the rest of the paper will expand out, forming a sphere shape.