How Can Someone Speed Hack in "World of Warcraft"?


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Speed hacking in the "World of Warcraft" video game can mean a number of different things, including hacking for extra speed, programming a robot to play with the player's avatar and other things. Speed hacks are usually downloadable programs available through the Internet and are almost always player created.

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Some speed hacking programs allow the player to teleport to areas of the in-game world on the fly. Other hacking programs allow players to lend control of their avatar over to a robot. While the player is away, the robot will command the avatar to fight computer-generated enemies within the in-game world. This will build huge amounts of experience and loot in time. Players usually do this themselves, a practice referred to as grinding. In some cases, a robot does this for the player. This allows players to level their characters in significantly faster amounts of time with little to no work.

Hacking programs for the "World of Warcraft" video game are very common and oftentimes free for download through the Internet. They can be found on player forums and other types of online communities based around the game. The usage of these programs is prohibited by the official game, however. Players are often banned when they are caught using these programs as they pose an unfair advantage and can ruin player servers.

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