Where Can Someone Sell Sports Memorabilia?

A collector can sell his sports memorabilia to dealers, through an auction house, at a consignment store, online or through personal sales to friends or family. Depending on the sales route that is chosen, the profit margin may differ. On average dealers, for example, take a higher cut than auction houses.

Collections of sports memorabilia can be lucrative and turn a nice profit. The amount of profit depends on a few different factors.

  • Check the history of the object to determine its potential value. Look for special markings or details, then search for these online. Check online auctions or auction house sites for actual sales prices of similar objects. There are also a number of sites that offer information on the value of antiques and collectibles.
  • If the item is determined to have potential value, bring it to an expert for a personal appraisal. The expert can evaluate the item in person and give a more specific valuation than what can be found online. Sometimes, online descriptions are not accurate and, therefore, give an invalid result of the item's collectability. Sometimes auction houses give appraisals as well. Be warned, however, that in return for the favor the house may require the item be put up for auction. That said, a person may be able to negotiate a lower commission rate with the auction house if more than one piece is sold through them.