How Can Someone Make a Paper Heart Model?


Paper heart models can be made in a few ways, such as a simple origami style or as a realistic 3D model using advanced folding techniques. The easiest way to make a paper heart model is by using an origami technique.

This technique only requires a single sheet of paper. The paper should be in the shape of square. To begin, one must cut the paper in half, taking one half and folding the two lower corners upward. They should meet with the top edge, forming a triangle. It's important that the corners neatly meet each other at the center, giving the triangle a symmetrical look. Next, one then flips the triangle over, revealing the flat side. Then, one needs to take the corners again and fold them upwards, meeting each other at the tip. This should form a small square. Lifting up one of the small triangles from the square shape, one should poke their finger into the fold, touching the inside corner and then squash-folding the triangle into a new square. The same technique should be done to the other triangle. The new shape should look like a pentagon, as a triangle on top of a square.

When lifting up the squares and looking inside, one should see a folded point right in the middle. One should grab this point and fold it upwards in half, staying inside the shell of the squares, and then pressing the paper flat again. One then needs to fold the outer corners of the squares so they have triangular points to them. Finally, folding those points in half completes the shape. Flip over the paper and the shape should resemble a heart.