How Can Someone Make a Grim Reaper Costume?

A grim reaper costume can be made by purchasing black polyester and cotton sheeting, sewing materials, black eye shadow and white face paint that can then be used to make the cape and to make up the trick-or-treater's face. To make a scythe to use as an accessory to the grim reaper costume, purchase a wooden pole and a cardboard blade.

The first step in creating the grim reaper costume is to make the cape. Take the black polyester and cotton sheeting out and cut a double length of the material to the person's shoulder. Make sure that the width fits the person's arms when they are stretched out. It is good to have someone else trace the shape of the person on to the material and then it can be cut accordingly.

The second step is to sew the material together. Be sure to leave a hood opening so that the person can wear the top portion as a hood. To make the costume look more authentic, the ends of the sleeves can be shredded with scissors.

Finally, the costume will be complete. Using black eyeshadow and white face paint, the person can make up their own face for an evil and haunting look. The painted wooden pole and cardboard blade covered in aluminum foil can be used to create a scythe as an accessory to the grim reaper costume.