How Can Someone Make a Cape in "Minecraft"?


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To get a cape in "Minecraft," players must have attended a Minecon event or earned the cape by doing something notable. For example, all Minecon 2011 attendees received capes on their in-game players. Player Akronman1, who purchased the 1 millionth copy of "Minecraft," was also awarded with a cape.

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While some players might not have attended an event to receive a cape, players can still obtain a cape for their in-game characters by using mods. One in particular, mccapes.com, offered its users capes that were previously only obtainable by attending a Minecon event. Due to an update of "Minecraft's" End-user License Agreement, the website was forced to shut down in order to comply.

While some "Minecraft" cape mods still work, most have been rendered useless by game updates from Mojang, the company that created "Minecraft." Capes are a part of the player's "skin." Players can choose which cape to wear (if they have any) by going onto their user accounts through the Mojang website.

Some players have been known to create their own capes through design software and then add them to their in-game players through hacks and mods. While this is technically possible, it is recommended that players do not try this, as it could result in an account ban.

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