Where can someone get HM06 Rock Smash in Pok��mon SoulSilver?


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The player can obtain HM06 Rock Smash on Route 36 on Pok��mon SoulSilver version. The HM06 Rock Smash is very useful in Pok��mon HeartGold and SoulSilver outside of battles in getting around and in obtaining Pok��mon species and items that are hidden in rocks.

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On Route 36, the player will encounter a girl, who was previously met, looking at a suspicious looking tree that will turn out to be the Pok��mon Sudowoodo. The Pok��mon will be blocking the path to National Park, Ecruteak City and Violet City. Using the Squirtbottle, the player can talk to the tree in order to engage Sudowoodo to a battle. After defeating Sudowoodo, the player will receive Berry Pots, Oran Berry and Pecha Berry as a reward from the girl. Once the girl leaves, the player can obtain HM06 Rock Smash by talking to a man nearby.

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