Where Can Someone Donate Images?

Where Can Someone Donate Images?

Images can be donated by using the contact details at the website of the American Institute of Physics, or by using the Johnson & Johnson "Donate A Photo" mobile app. Many charitable and non-profit organizations are interested in receiving images free of charge, especially from professional photographers or designers. However, often depending on the subject, amateur snapshots might also be welcome.

The Emilio Segre Visual Archives, for instance, which is administrated by the American Institute of Physics, features a large collection of informal photographs of scientists. These often depict professionals with their families or in social settings, as well as at work.

Images from the Emilio Segre Visual Archives are provided free of charge by the American Institute of Physics for educational purposes, including in books, articles, other visual media and CD-ROMs.

Depending on the size of the donation, images can be either emailed, sent by Fed Ex or uploaded to the organization's FTP server.

The "Donate A Photo" app from Johnson & Johnson is open to anyone who wants to participate. The idea of the app is simple, allowing users to donate one of their own photos in exchange for the corporation donating $1 to a charitable cause. One photograph can be sent each day and the photographer gets to choose the cause that their dollar goes to support. None of the photos are used commercially, except to promote the app itself as part of the publicly-accessible gallery.