How Can a Snowman Craft Be Made Out of Foam?

How Can a Snowman Craft Be Made Out of Foam?

To make a snowman, glue together a foam ball, toilet paper roll and cotton balls. Decorative pieces include eyes, colored foam, construction paper and ribbon.

Although there are many ways to make a snowman, a three-dimensional snowman can be made with foam balls, pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, construction paper, ribbon and googly eyes. Follow these instructions.

Step 1: Create the body

Glue a foam ball to the top of the toilet paper roll. Tear apart the cotton balls and glue layers of cotton around the toilet paper roll. Glue two pipe cleaners on the sides of the toilet paper roll to make arms.

Step 2: Add decorations

Cut pieces of colored foam or construction paper into shapes for nose and mouth and glue them onto the foam. Glue googly eyes onto the foam, and glue circular pieces onto front for buttons. Glue the ribbon around the snowman's neck to make the scarf.