Where Can You Find Free Snowflake Stencils?


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Free snowflake templates abound on crafting, decor and seasonal websites. They range from simple, homemade designs to elaborate and colorful stencils that can be printed from home. For larger and more durable stencils, local outlets specializing in art and decor are the best options.

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Where Can You Find Free Snowflake Stencils?
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Free snowflake templates are available through a host of holiday, seasonally themed and art websites, such as those specializing in winter or Christmas themes. Many clip art and graphics websites also offer free snowflake templates, with some in the form of printable outlines that, once printed, allow users to create snowflakes from nearly any material. Other online outlets provide ready-made, colored templates to print, cut and shape using guides on the template. Another method for obtaining free stencils is to create them. Using just a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, creating custom and eye-catching snowflake stencils is quick and simple.

In addition to online outlets, many local hobby shops and art supply outlets carry snowflake stencils. These outlets are typically the best source of very large stencils or those made of more robust materials. Some snowflake stencils are just random designs, often generated by computers and graphics programs, but some designers base their patterns on those of real snowflakes.

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