What Can You Do With Small Vintage Bottles?


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One idea for using small vintage bottles is to store things in them. Another idea is to fill them with sand or seashells and use them as decoration.

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Small vintage bottles that have a wider mouth are great for storing bathroom items such as q-tips, toothbrushes, razors and any other toiletry that fits. This is one way to add a touch of rustic elegance to the bathroom decoration. Many small vintage bottles come in a variety of colors, so matching a bathroom color scheme is doable.

Clear or aqua colored vintage bottles may be filled with items such as marbles, sand and seashells and used as decorative accents in any coastal themed room. The fillers may even be layered for a more detailed variation. Small vintage bottles are also commonly used as vases. For short bottles, simply cut flowers stems to length and place them in the bottle so no stem peeks out from the opening.

Colorful vintage bottles may be placed on the fireplace mantle for decoration. When the fire is lit, the colors of the bottles emit a nice glow. They may also be placed on window ledges and other places where the sun hits them and plays with the colors.

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