How Can I Skip a Mission in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"?

Missions in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" cannot be skipped; however, there are many ways to work through the levels using cheats. Some cheats can help gamers work through a mission in a few minutes without any real effort.

  1. Decide which codes to use

    There are dozens of codes available that can make missions play through quickly. Choose from a list of codes online, and enter them in the sandbox area of the level. Cars fly, vehicle of death, and infinite health and ammo are popular solutions.

  2. Enter in the codes

    To activate each code, simply enter them in before starting the mission. Each code should be used one at a time. The infinite ammo code, L1 R1 Square R2 R1 L Square D L1 L1, for example, should show as enabled before attempting to enter in a second code.

  3. Experiment

    Players often find better strategies on how to skip missions as they continue to play. Some gamers may prefer using the vigilante cheat as opposed to entering in codes to play through the missions at a super fast pace.

  4. Skip parts of the mission

    Speed up redundant parts of a mission as much as possible. If the player has traveled to an area before, he can look for the Trip Skip option during their mission.