How Can You Sing Better?

How Can You Sing Better?

Learning to sing better takes effort and time. Optimally using practice time helps a singer accomplish more at each session. Posture and proper breathing are two of the most important elements of vocal technique. Here are some tips to make the most of the voice.

  1. Improve posture

    Proper posture improves the quality of the voice because it allows the lungs to expand fully. Singing while standing is beneficial because the body alignment is better while standing. In the ideal body posture, ears, shoulders, hips and knees are in one line. Relax and avoid tension by moving a little or shifting weight. It's especially important to avoid tension in the jaw. A long neck allows air to pass freely through the vocal cords. Practice until the new posture becomes comfortable.

  2. Breathe with the diaphragm

    Lie down on the back, and place a book on the stomach. Take relaxed breaths, and observe the stomach rise up and down. Repeat the same breathing pattern while standing. Keeping the chest high also helps in making the breathing diaphragmatic.

  3. Release air slowly

    The voice sounds better when air is let out slowly because of the increased support. Otherwise, it sounds forced. Extend the breath by taking a deep breath and hissing while exhaling. Maintain the hiss for as long as possible. Increase the length of exhalation to at least a minute. Don't tense the body while hissing.