How Can You Sign up for a Daily Cryptoquote?


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You can sign up for a daily cryptoquote at DailyCryptogram.com. DailyCryptogram.com provides cryptoquotes that you can solve online or print to solve on paper. They offer a subscription service so you can have cryptoquotes delivered via email daily or weekly. To sign up, click the Subscribe button on the website, and fill out your preferences. As of December 2015, there are over 6,000 cryptoquote puzzles on DailyCryptogram.com in an archive that stretches back to December 2001.

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A cryptogram is a puzzle that consists of encrypted text. In a cryptoquote, the encrypted text is a famous quotation. Although not all cryptograms are cryptoquotes, the puzzles featured on DailyCryptogram.com are, in fact, cryptoquotes.

Originally, cryptograms were used for the real encryption of secret messages. They have since evolved into puzzles that are created and placed into newspapers and magazines, in the same vein as crossword puzzles and word searches. The first cryptograms designed for entertainment rather than serious encryption were created in the Middle Ages. Edgar Allan Poe helped popularize cryptograms in the 19th century.

Other types of cryptograms exist in addition to cryptoquote puzzles. CodedWord challenges are related to the Bible, while cryptoquizzes consist of a list of words related to a given category.

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