How Can You Get a Shiny Charizard in "Pokemon X"?


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The only way for players get a shiny Charizard in “Pokémon X” is to evolve a shiny Charmeleon because shiny Charizards do not appear randomly in the game for capture. To obtain a shiny Charmeleon, players can capture one in the Friend Safari Zone in Kiloude City, or they can obtain a shiny Charmander and evolve it into a shiny Charmeleon.

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Shiny Pokémon, such as shiny Charizards, are rare variations of normal Pokémon with increased battle statistics and unique character sprites or models. Shiny Pokémon appear less frequently in random encounters and are less likely to result from breeding attempts, with a chance of one in 8,192. Obtaining a shiny Pokémon mostly requires repetition and luck, but players can increase the odds by using the Masuda method; equipping the Poké Radar; or by equipping a shiny charm, which increases the odds by 300 percent.

Fans named the Masuda method, which increases the odds of breeding a shiny Pokémon to approximately one in 1,638, after the game's director, Junichi Masuda. To use this method, players breed two Pokémon originating from games in different countries. Players can also equip the Poké Radar, which improves the odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon in the field. The odds further improve as they defeat multiple Pokémon in a row with the Poké Radar, increasing them up to one in 200 for a chain of 40 battles.

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