Where Can You Find a Sewing Template for a Nurse's Cap?


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A sewing template for a nurse’s cap can be found in the sewing section of About.com. Templates for a nurse’s cap can also be found at the blogs ikatbag, and Falafel and the Bee.

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Debbie Colgrove, a sewing expert with About.com, published the article, “Make Your Own Nurse Cap - Free Pattern and Directions to Create a Nurse's Cap,” which includes step by step instructions on sewing a nurse’s hat, along with two pictures and link to a nurse’s hat pattern.

The “Nurse Nancy” article at ikatbag features a simple pattern for a nurse’s cap along with multiple views of a nurse’s apron as well. The pattern for the cap appears as a small thumbnail towards the end of the article. By clicking on the thumbnail image, a new page opens featuring the full page pattern. Follow printing instructions above.

Though the article “Veterinarian Costume: AKA Vintage Nurse,” describes how to make a veterinarian costume, the author has posted a nurse’s hat pattern as part of the costume. The pattern is located about a third of the way into the post. Clicking on the pattern image opens up a light box with; the pattern can be saved from here. Keep in mind that this pattern is small, about one half of a piece of paper, so it needs to be enlarged prior to use.

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