How Can I Sew Chair Pads?


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Pads make any chair more comfortable. Choose a fabric style that matches the decor. If sewing the pads for outdoor chairs, choose waterproof fabric for the project. The necessary materials are sufficient fabric, polyurethane foam, bias tape and matching thread, in addition to pattern-making supplies, a sewing machine and a needle.

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  1. Make a pattern

    Use sturdy paper. Lay the paper on the seat, and trace around it. Round off the corners. This is the fabric pattern.

  2. Make the foam pattern

    Trace the outline on a separate sheet of paper. Measure 5/8 inch inside the line all the way around, and mark. Cut the pattern on the inner line. This is the foam pattern.

  3. Cut the fabric

    Cut two pieces of fabric for each cushion using the fabric pattern. The fabric can be the same on both sides or complementary.

  4. Cut the foam

    Place the foam outline on a sheet of polyurethane foam. Trace the outline using a marking pen. Use a rotary cutter or sharp scissors to cut along the marked line.

  5. Cut the bias tape

    Use bias tape in a matching or complementary color. Press it along the curved shape of the fabric, pulling slightly around the corners.

  6. Add the foam

    Center the foam on the piece of fabric that is to become the pad bottom, wrong side up. Place the pad top over the foam, with the fabric facing the wrong side up. Match the raw edges, and pin.

  7. Stitch the pad

    Use a sewing machine to stitch the fabric together without the foam inside. Leave enough space to insert the foam, then do so.

  8. Finish the pad

    Hand sew the opening through which you inserted the foam. Use a hot iron to seal the bias tape around the perimeter of the pad.

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