Where Can You Sell Rare Magazines?

can-sell-rare-magazines Credit: Tony Fischer/CC-BY-2.0

Rare magazines are sold through a number of venues, including private sales through brokers, auction houses and collectible shops. They are also sold through consignment shops, classified ads, collectors' clubs, online auctions and antique stores. It is important for sellers to research the value of rare magazines before putting them up for sale.

Brokers who arrange private sales usually know the market value of rare items, and they often have a list of buyers for certain types of products. Brokers are also skilled at negotiating and can help sellers get more money for their items. However, it can take time to find the right buyer. Consignment selling for a percentage of profit can also take some time. Online auctions at venues, such as eBay, can be quicker, and they allow the seller to set the minimum price and control the auction for a fee.

Not all magazines have value simply because they are old. Only certain types of magazines appeal to collectors. Magazines that have limited editions, stories and photos of specific celebrities can be collectibles. Magazines that debut significant works of literature or deal with crucial historical events often draw high prices. For example, an October 1912 issue of "All-Story Magazine" featuring the first appearance of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Tarzan of the Apes: A Romance of the Jungle" sold at auction in September 2006 for $59,750.