Where Can You Sell Old Coins?

can-sell-old-coins Credit: Jason Rogers/CC-BY-2.0

Collectors most often buy and sell old coins at auctions, from coin dealers and at coin collecting conventions. Coin valuation companies offer a third-party estimated value for both coin buyers and sellers.

Valuable and rare coins are usually sold at an auction to maximize their price. Old, less valuable coins can be bought or sold in local antique shops or at coin shows. The value of a coin can be estimated by consulting a coin pricing guide. The actual value of a single coin is heavily dependent on its condition, with worn, dulled coins worth far less than uncirculated coins.

One can find coin shops and collectors in his area via the Internet. The first step when selling coins is to determine their value. Coin shops and museums can help someone wishing to sell coins to determine the value of his coins. Coins should be sold as a group rather than letting the buyer pick those that he thinks are the best.