Where Can You Sell Coins?


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Rare and valuable coins should always be sold to reputable and knowledgeable coin dealers. This ensures that the sales result in a fair and appropriate payment for any coins that change hands.

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The most trustworthy coin dealers are also members of at least one professional numismatist organization and adhere to a strict code of ethics. This may include reputable pawn brokers, auction houses and gold buyers, though only those claiming specifically to be coin dealers belong to such organizations.

In some cases, sellers can choose to list their coins independently through online auction sites, but they should first find out the value of those coins before setting a listing price. Professional grading can also help improve the odds of a coin selling for its actual value. Sellers who choose to work through a coin dealer should find out if they offer any kind of guarantee on transactions. This may include a certified grading for the coin or third-party arbitration of any disputes that may arise after a transaction. The truth is that there are a lot of places to sell rare and valuable coins, but to get the best price for a coin, it is best to work with a dealer who has committed to a high level of ethical and moral standards.

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