How Can You Find the Best Secondhand Accordions for Sale on EBay?


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Find the best secondhand accordions for sale on eBay by looking for listings of individual instruments versus lots and focusing on sellers with warranties and return policies. Always conduct thorough research on the instrument and the seller, including asking questions about its condition and any damage.

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Buying a used accordion on eBay poses several issues because the buyer is typically unable to inspect the instrument in person to look for issues. As such, it is important that the buyer ask as many questions as possible about the instruments condition based on its type. For example, when buying a piano accordion the buyer should make sure that it has all the keys and that each works properly. Alternately, a concertina accordion needs to have all the buttons on each side of the instrument. Buyers should obtain a written account of the instrument's repair history and any current damage from the seller to avoid disputes.

Shipping presents another major issue for buyers because instruments are often damaged during transit when not packed properly. Always ask the seller if she offers a warranty or return policy so that, in the event that the accordion is damaged during shipping, there are no issues in returning or replacing it.

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